What do I need to do? Instructions for Actor’s Studio

1. Find a duo partner (age 12 and up) and select a 10-minute dramatic scene or excerpt from a play or musical to bring to the first class. Only those with partners will participate. The selection may be your original work or a work by others. Coaches will assist you in fine-tuning your skills as a duo and shaping the selection into an impactful story, with minimal props, costumes and set pieces.  The coaches may provide assistance in editing the piece for maximum dramatic impact. There are many resources available for selection of playscripts; search online, libraries or bookstores for “Two-Person Acting Scenes or Scripts.”

Also look here:
https://www.bhplayhouse.com/Acting-Scenes-Database/ https://monologueblogger.com/30-scenes-and-scripts-for-two-actors/

Scripts from Clarion Theatre’s productions are also available at the links below.

2. Content and costuming selections should reflect Clarion’s faith-based, family- friendly character.

3. At the first session, the duo will provide a reading of the scenes they have selected. Please provide an additional copy for the coaches so they may assist youin editing.  It is not necessary to memorize it until a later date.

4. This workshop is for those who sincerely wish to improve their skills in acting and who will commit themselves to regular, punctual attendance. It is also a courtesy to one’s duo partner to be dedicated to the task. If a duo partner is unable to complete the course, the partner remaining will need to find a replacement to continue.

5. Each participant will register and pay the fee separately. The registration form will have a place to indicate who the duo partner is.  No refunds.

6. In the event that there are more duos qualified to perform at the revue than there is time for, the top duos will be chosen by the Clarion directors for performance.  

“Here I Stand” by John Buckley Sleadd:

“Hatter’s Daughter” by John Buckley Sleadd:

“The Prodigals” by John Buckley Sleadd:

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