4-12-18: Three stage roles remain unfilled in our June production: Gabriel, Robert Brenton, and Mustafa. Adult males are eligible. One role involves some solo singing; the others do not. Stipends available for out-of-pocket expenses on a needs basis. 
Gabriel: the narrator/angel who morphs into a butler, a ship's captain, a postman, etc. 
Robert Brenton: hat factory owner, friend of Brunel Prodigal, middle-aged or older, sings a duet with his wife, Anne. Might be double-cast as Mustafa.
Mustafa: a slave; a walk-on bit part, ideally for a large man; can also involve other ensemble-singing, or double-cast as Robert Brenton (above).  Please call or text Denise at 715-781-0709.  Thank you!

Photos from the 2016 Production of "The Prodigals,"

courtesy John Neyhart

The Prodigals CAST (20+)

Gabriel: Narrator and butler, morphs into other characters; male adult, no solos

Brunel Prodigal: Father, engineer, businessman, inventor, soloist, 40+yo

Sarah Prodigal: Mother, lover of flowers, soloist, 40+yo

Lawson Prodigal: oldest son, engineer, soloist, 20+yo

Ferrell Prodigal: second son, artist, soloist, 18+

Grace Prodigal: first daughter, soloist, 20+

Hope Prodigal: second daughter, 12-16

Joy Prodigal: third daughter, 9-12

Pint Ashby: bad companion to Ferrell, soloist, 18+yo

Robert Brenton: friend, hat factory owner, soloist, 40+yo

Mrs. Anne Brenton: wife, mother, soloist, 40+yo

Margaret Brenton:  first daughter, hat designer, soloist, 20+yo

Jane Brenton: second daughter, aspiring writer, 18+yo

Master Bond: slave owner, husband of Sirenella, soloist

Sirenella: Matron of Permission, wife of Bond, soloist

Mustafa: Bond’s head slave, adult



Swindler 1 & 2

Gossip 1, 2, 3

Non-speaking parts:





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