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Clarion Theatre Company exists to glorify God

through the gifts of storytelling, music, and theatre.

According to our By-Laws, "The purposes of the Association shall be
to further the literary education of and provide entertainment to the community in the area of dramatic arts, with emphasis on musical
theatre production.  In addition, the Association intends to promote
the Judeo-Christian ethic and worldview by producing Biblically-informed, family-friendly, faith-building productions, the Bible being one of the most significant literary works, unsurpassed in history."
Since our goal is to enhance the repetoire of family-friendly, faith-based musical theatre, we especially delight in creating and producing new works for the stage. 
Katharina Von Bora (Ariel Strom) receives assistance from Martin Luther (Ryan Imel) in her

Katarina Von Bora (Ariel Kostrna) and Martin Luther (Ryan Imel) in "Here I Stand" staged in 2017

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