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Code of Conduct

All Production Staff, Cast and Crew members agree to  respect and uphold these while engaged in production.

1. The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) and the teachings of Jesus and His disciples in Scripture shall be held in high regard as the standard of behavior for all activities related to CTCO. When any behavior becomes a matter of dispute, the Scriptures are to be consulted for guidance as to the letter and spirit of the Law.

2.. In the interest of maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere, there is to be no drinking, smoking or use of any psychoactive substances by any participant before or during CTCO-related activities, neither shall anyone arrive on set or to rehearsal with any evidence of appearing to be under the influence of said substances.

3. All participants shall dress modestly and demonstrate acceptable language and conduct at all times. All costuming is likewise to follow these guidelines.

4. Use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited during rehearsal, unless specifically allowed by the stage manager or directors.


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