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Roles for Stu's America

1. Stu Parker: age 40-60 male; grumpy grocer, widower, father of Gloria and George, sings in men’s quartet. Also functions as narrator.

2. Gloria Parker Fulton: age 18-25 female; Henry Fulton’s newlywed wife, Stu’s daughter, still works in her father’s store

3. George Parker: age 12-16 male; Stu’s son, works at grocery store, invents weapons

4. Marge Fulton: age 40-60 female; Henry’s mother, widow, mail sorter at the Post Office

5. Henry Fulton: age 18-25 male; Gloria’s newlywed husband, going off to war with Marines

6. Sally Fulton: age 12-16 female; Marge’s daughter, spunky, interested in spies

7. Mel Porter: age 40-60+; delivery man, directs the men’s quartet

8. Patricia Porter: age 40-60+; Mel’s wife, can be bossy

9. Fred Pacer: age 40-60+; mailman, sings in men’s quartet, self-appointed matchmaker for Stu

10. Shirley Pacer: age 40-60+; Fred's wife, can be bossy

11. Wesley Pacer: age 12-16; Fred’s son, friend of George Parker, invents weapons

12. Julius Kleiner: age 25-40; new pastor in town, sings in quartet

13. Adeline Kleiner: age 25-40; Julius’ wife

14. Alissa Kleiner: child

15. Amy (or Andy) Kleiner: child

16. Ashley (or Arthur) Kleiner: child

17. Sofie Smith: age 20-30+; Female German spy, a bit inexperienced

18. Haupt Zuchinschtopen (Zuke): age 40-60+; Male German spy, Sofie’s superior

19. Ensemble: 1 - 5 Sailors, townspeople, children

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1. Book your audition. Select one ticket per person only. Please choose between two dates: Saturday August 17 or Sunday August 18. Plan to be present the entire time (2-5pm) or as much as possible for the day you book. We will have various candidates read lines together at that time.  To read the entire script and listen to the songs click here. Location: The Hivve, 164 SE G St., Grants Pass.

2. Please prepare: 

a. a one-minute broadway-style song to sing with an accompaniment track on your device. 

b. sides of your choice from the script. Choose a character youre interested in. You may be called back into the audition room to read with various actors the same day.

3. Fill out the application form here and bring to the audition, or fill it out when you arrive at the audition site. Bring your appointment calendar with you to report conflicts in your schedule. Callbacks will be scheduled on an as-needed basis; you will be notified if you are needed.

Rehearsals will be Mon-Fri September 3 - November 7 at 6:30-9pm, plus one Saturday, Oct 5, 1:30-5:30p at the venue. No rehearsal on Oct. 31. You will only be called to rehearsal when actually needed, as we respect your time highly and will not waste it whenever possible.

Performance dates:

Friday, November 8, 7pm

Saturday, November 9, 7pm

Sunday, November 10, 3pm

Friday, November 15, 7pm

Saturday, November 16, 7pm

Sunday, November 17, 3pm

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