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Oct. 12-22
RCC Rogue



The year is 1964.

Elena has just married the man of her dreams, Anton, and is eager to join him in his work for the Soviet government in the small town of Pochayiv, Ukraine. She's surprised to run into an old and dear friend in Pochayiv, but even more surprised to learn her friend adamantly opposes her husband's administration, claiming Anton employs violent tactics in his efforts to shut down Pochayiv's revered medieval monastery. But it is only after witnessing the cover-up of a horrific crime that Elena's trust in Anton begins to crumble. 


She is compelled to find a way to expose the oppression Pochayiv's residents have silently endured, while knowing that standing up for them means becoming a traitor to both her country and her husband.


"My Traitor" tells the true story of Pochayiv, a little-known Ukrainian town whose residents defended their cherished monastery despite nearly 25 years of Soviet brutality. This new musical drama features eleven original songs and an intimate setting. "My Traitor" is Ariel Kostrna's first full-length work, and after three readings and two music revues, it is ready to premiere on the stage in Grants Pass this October.

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"Stu's America"
By John Buckley Sleadd
Coming June 28-July 7, 2024.
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